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    Quentin HOENENPlateo


    I’m a new owner of Driver4VR. I’m trying to add body and hand controller tracking to my Oculus GO, using my Xbox 360 Kinect sensor and 2 PSMOVE controllers.

    I’m facing a strange problem. I think that’s because I’m a Driver4VR newbie but the thing is I spent the whole day trying to solve it without success.

    I’ve followed those 2 video guides (here and here) and my setup is exactly the same except I’m using an Oculus go with ALVR instead of a PSVR with TrinusVR. All my parameters for Driver4VR or PS Move Service are exactly the same as this guy.

    Basically, everything is working quite well : I can get descent head tracking in Driver4VR, my PSMOVE controllers are both paired and working well …

    Here’s my problem :
    When I’m in a steam VR game, only one controller is being tracked (the left hand). The other second controller (right hand) is nowhere to be seen but I can still get inputs from it (by pressing some buttons).
    While I’m ingame, if I open the SteamVR Menu, my right controller suddenly appears and is being tracked normaly. I also see the feet Kinect virtual trackers that are created in Driver4VR. I can navigate the menu using my left controller only.
    At the very moment I close the SteamVR menu, my right controller disappears and I’m back in my app with only one controller.

    I’m facing that problem in all the VR apps I’ve tested – SteamVR Home, The Lab, Google Earth VR …

    I’ve found a very similar problem here, but Uninstalling and reinstalling everything didn’t solved anything for me :

    Only one psmove showing in Steam VR

    Do you have any idea about what’s causing my problem and how to solve it ?

    Best regards,

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    • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Quentin HOENENPlateo.
    • This topic was modified 3 years ago by Quentin HOENENPlateo.
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