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    Del the GhostDel the Ghost

    okay guys i’m having trouble with setting up my full body with xbox one kinect with Driver4vr . looks like the computer doesn’t want to recognize it or something. I have the driver installed. Using htc vive PLEASE HELP

    Linus RohdeChunkyMonkey29

    Windows 10?
    Did you check in: Settings (gear on start menu) -> Privacy (Location, Camera) -> Camera
    Under Choose which apps can access your camera is Driver4VR listed, and set to ON?

    One of the “awesome” updates I received for Windows 10 broke 3d Scan, a MS app, for using the Kinect with anything, so I check it for everything now. The camera privacy can break a lot of different things when you’re not expecting it.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    also you can verify your Kinect as described here?


    Hi I have a quick question I am having a issue with my driver4vr. Basically the program isn’t seeing the Kinect when I start the program the Kinect switches on and stays on but the app for deiver4vr only seems my headset and controllers, I have absolutely everything installed correctly the right Kinect sdk’s etc I actually watched a tutorial to help me but it just won’t see them when I press the start button nothing happens also, could you help with this as I am unsure what the issue could be.

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    Hoi Yin LeeSamSam

    I’m facing the same problem with Del the Ghost.
    It worked for me a few months ago. But now it suddenly does not recognize my Kinect 360 anymore. Please help.

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