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    I recently purchased and started testing this.
    (BTW the 10 minutes a week was nowhere near enough, it ran out before I even had steamVR+Trinus loaded & setup correctly.. apperently, and I didn’t want to wait a WEEK)

    I’ll write down everything I have, and then what I have tested and where I am at, and then a couple questions I have.

    In general I just, want advice on what I should try/do next, and maybe I’m not doing everything right? Some of the videos have steps with buttons that just don’t exist in the current UI, for example.

    So here is everything I have:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running android 7.1.2 [RR-N-v5.8.3-20170629-t0lte-Unofficial]
    Rok Jam RHS-70 Vr phone headset holder
    Xbox 360 Kinect
    2 PS Move Controllers
    1 PS Move Navigation Controller
    1 PS3 Eye Camera
    A pack of Ping Pong Balls
    Some Colored Markers to color the ping pong balls
    3 cheap LED Flashlights
    2 of the cheap VR Joysticks from Amazon

    What I’ve done:
    Originally I just had the phone headset and the cheap VR controllers with my Kinect.
    I tried using the flashlights for tracking hands and head, as well as skeleton.

    I ended up using TrinusVr because Riftcat was having graphical corruption, like the 3-D rendering was broken but only in the stream, not the phone? Anyway, Trinus works well enough and seems to track orientation just fine, shows up as an HMD, and Driver4VR seems to recongnize and use it fine.

    I cheaped out and only got the VR Controllers on amazon because well… $2.50 each? Sure. I didn’t realize however, what the limitation on tracking meant, the video didn’t seen to explain it in a way that I grasped. I thought it meant their positon relative to your body for some reason. Found out it was rotation based on headset, which worked, but not for VRChat.

    I tried using both skeleton tracking and the led flashlights with ping pong balls for them. but the location was always somewhat wrong, janky, and moved rapidly in all the wrong directions.

    I eventually decided to try PS Move stuff, I bought them off Ebay, with a charging dock, and all the above listed stuff. That arrived today.

    I have gotten the PS Move service installed, paired up the controllers, but, they only seem to work when pluggd in to wither my PC or the charing dock. I’m thinking either they need a long charge.. or maybe new batteries? Although I could just use a couple mini USB cables plugged into a large battery bank I have.

    I am thinking about ordering a wall mount for my kinect because the FOV is too narrow for where I can place it right now.

    So this is.. basically where I’m at.

    A few questions on my mind are, can I (or should) I use the PS Eye camera to supplment the color tracking? Is it even worth it? Would the 2nd Kinect option I saw in another forum thread be better.. whenever that is implmented?

    If I’m using Move Controllers, would it be better to use the ping pong ball & flashlight on my headset or is skeleton tracking the headset equal or better?

    Is there anything I could use the cheap VR controllers for? They have thumbsticks and the move ones don’t – I saw a video of a guy who clipped the PS Nav and Move controllers together, is that possible/worth pursuring using the cheap ones in place of the PS Nav(since I only have 1)?

    I’ve not been able to test yet due to the.. charging issue but, I feel a little confused on the PS Move service with Driver4VR, The guides I’ve found on PS move tend to focus on different things and gloss over the controller bit, but I got them paired, and they show up in the config tool when powered(and not plugged in the PC), is that all I need for them to work with Driver4VR?

    Sorry this was a bit of a long post but I’ve been fiddling with thise for almost 2 weeks now, and finally decided to just post already xP

    Thank you for making this software, and attempting to create budget options to make VR more accessible <3

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    thanks for detailed info. i am using riftcat but will now try also trinus. honelysly I tried some time ago but somehow did not work for me.

    you could reach to me earlier about vr gamepads so perhaps i could add something to make them working in vrchat explicitely.

    so first things first. did you go through the pairing process of ps moves? what did you have problem with?


    I paired them in the PS Move Service, but they only seem to work when plugged in to either the charging dock, the PC, or a USB Wall Charger. My guess is the batteries are dead. The seller didn’t mention that. I’ve ordered some replacement battieries and trying to get a partial refund.

    I’m only using PS Move Serivce, I assume I don’t need anything else like PSMoveSteamVRBridge with Driver4VR? I haven’t gotten to properly test them with Driver4VR because my miniUSB cables are way too short. I have some extension cables somewhere, I plan to try to test them wired later.

    The biggest problem with the VR controllers I had in VR chat is the hands always face straight down, making using menus enteriely impossible to use.

    It seems the menu orientation is the same as your hand orientation so you end up looking at the menu from the side. I can try to get a picture if you need. But if the hands could just face straight out that’d help a ton. The way it is now I have to look so far up to straighten the menu out, that I can’t actually click anything on it.

    I did have another issue with the VR Gamepades in the button mapping withing Driver4VR, the analog stick will always fail mapping if I just move it normally, I have to try and just barely move it until progress goes up, then stop, and repeat, if I keep going it immeditely fails.

    I’ll try to get a screenshot of both issues soon. I’m having to redo the setup because I had to resort to reinstall windows to fix the Kinect dropping out randomly(not related to Driver4VR, another unrelated issue), so I can’t take any right this moment.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    yes. it seems then they are out of battery.
    i will try to make vr gamepad more flexible but they are actually to get a taste of vr.

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