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    Hi I just paid for gold, where do I download the gold drivers , On download all I see is the test one, and it tells me time is up.


    Wait what I have this
    Past Invoices
    Date Level Amount
    2018-02-15 Driver4VR Friend €0.00
    2018-02-15 Driver4VR Gold €19.97
    2018-02-14 Driver4VR Friend €0.00

    but its telling me im a
    My Memberships
    Level Billing Expiration
    Driver4VR Friend
    Change Cancel
    €0.00 now.

    why am I only a friend the money is paid on paypal?


    So some help over just deleting my 3rd post would be nice too, but if something got deleted that must mean some one seen this, so any help at all?


    I think you can change your membership level i did this one time afew months ago. Do you have to log in to driver4vr when you start steamv? That was when the membership level was needed so the trail version wouldnt stop the drivers after 10mins

    Try see if you can change back to it??


    there’s no new drivers to download you just log into driver4vr with the account you bought gold and it should be there

    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    I found some people with the same problem. But unfortunately I am not Greg but the best way to be in contact with him is via his facebook group.
    Another method of contacting him is to hope for greg to see this thread.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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