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    I don’t think this is a problem with Driver4VR but the Xbox 360 Kinect itself. Everything was working fine during my trail run and around a week later I upgraded my membership. But this time the kinect was flashing a green light and the Driver4VR was not detecting it. I plugged the kinect back into the same USB port it was in when it was working and tried re-installing the v1.8 sdk as well as Driver4VR. I didn’t move the kinect from its original position so I can’t see how it could have been damaged. The only thing I changed to my PC during the week interval was install another hard drive which I disconnected just to test to see if it was responsible somehow.
    Any advise would be much appreciate.

    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    I had the same problem until I tried another usb port. If all fails try restart the kinect monitoring service. Make sure that you have enough space so that the kinect v1 can see your entire skeleton, try find a lens that increases the fov of the sensor bar. Make sure that when you are putting up the kinect for use make sure that it is around eye level facing towards your play area.
    The kinect flashing green light basically means that the kinect cannot see your entire skeleton and also happens when one of your “bones” goes from green to invisible.
    If you cannot see you skeleton on the kinect calibration then try the stuff above me.

    Hope this helps, Dunk.


    Could you open the Kinect windows developer toolkit 1.8 (or download and open it). Then try running the “skeleton basics D2D” sample. If this works then the problems isn’t the kinect 360.


    Thanks for your quick responses to my problem. I pulled my PC out from my desk and plugged the kinect into every USB port on it and the green light still flashed. I restarted the kinect monitoring service and the green light still flashed. I tried all your tips for insuring my entire skeleton was visible and the green light still flashed. I opened the Kinect windows developer toolkit 1.8 and ran the skeleton basics D2D and it didn’t work.
    To be complete sure that the kinect was not damaged or broken, I found my old Xbox 360 in the attic and booted up Dance Central and the green light stayed on. So I re-installed the SDK v1.8 one more time and the green light still flashed.
    Driver4VR works fine and so does the Kinect so why is that light still flashing?. I feel like it is something obvious and I’m just not seeing it. Any more tips?


    Also when I was messing around on my PC whilst the kinect was plugged in and flashing away I spotted that I had a microphone plugged in called Kinect USB Audio and it was working. So the microphone on the kinect is working and nothing else. I’m not sure if it helps to solve the problem.


    I am feeling like I have ran out of thing to try. I have installed several versions of the SDKs on 3 other computers and 2 laptops and the green light is still blinking. To be absolutely sure the kinect was not the problem, I purchased a second kinect and now I have 2 flashing green lights.
    It’s the fact that I had it working fine during the trail run that confuses me. At this point I can’t give up but even success would be bittersweet. If there is anyone with any advise I would really appreciated it

    andrew woodandrew wood

    im using htc vive and the 360 kinect and i cant get the driver4vr to work keeps saying that i need to install sum thing.. that ive already installed and my light is flashing green as well… do you need to use the power cord??

    Patrick WinkerPlastegiraffe

    i found a fix for it. just install DEV SDK 2.2

    ian Golusitgwin10

    im not sure if this will work but ill give it a try

    K Ofunjay777

    My solution was putting the Kinect into a USB 3.0 port. It needs it to properaly run.

    Hoi Yin LeeSamSam

    I am facing the same problem. I have tried all the suggestions mentioned above and it is still not working. I have tested my Kinect with the Kinect developer toolkit and it works fine. But my Kinect is still not detected by driver4VR.


    were you able to solve this problem?

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