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    Danny VengX-90

    Good morning from Los Angeles.

    I moved my Kinect sensor up higher to get more floor space angle because my play area is exceedingly tight quarters. Previously I used a 6.5′ tripod in front of my door during play. Recently I moved it on top of a shelf that is about 7′ high.

    The problem I’m having is the tilt angle is limited to -27 degrees. To combat the minimum tilt I physically tilted the Kinect sensor base on the shelf. Now when I put -27 degrees in Driver4VR is actually readjusts to -27 degrees true horizon. When I put 0 degrees the Kinect will actually align with horizon even though the base is forcibly tilted; The sensor will lean back on the base. At this point I’m sure -27 is no longer a mechanical limit of the tilt motor. Is there a way to force the tilt to be -30 or even -40?

    If it is not possible I can lower the sensor on the shelf by about a foot.

    Edit: Additionally, I noticed at the max natural tilt of -27 there is a drift in height. When I walk towards the sensor when it is about 6′ high at -27 degrees my feet-sensor will rise off of the VR ground in a fairly linear fashion. I can’t walk too far away from the sensor on account of space restriction but I’d assume my feet will sink through the VR floor. I’m guessing extreme angle is not well supported in Driver4VR?

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