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    Hey all,

    I’ve searched and searched for months, and asked everywhere I could think of but here – and I finally realized this is a community with a TON of Kinect users, so maybe someone here can help!

    Since I first started using a Kinect One on Windows, it always stops working after a bit. I doubt it has ever run for a full day without dying and requiring a reboot before it can be used again.

    I use it for Windows Hello as well as Driver4VR, so I can tell as soon as I sit down at the computer if it is working or not … when it isn’t working for Windows Hello, it isn’t working for anything – even bringing up the configuration verifier gives me a “no frames received from Kinect”.

    I’ve got a very solid Asus motherboard (Z97 Pro WiFi AC or something I think), and a Renesas USB controller as recommended by Microsoft.

    When things are working, they work great – but as I said, after a while, they just stop, and nothing but a reboot will resolve it. It is very frustrating. I had resorted for a while to nightly reboots (which is ridiculous to have to do), but those have started to cause me other problems, so I’m starting to look for a better solution again.

    Any help or tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Sven SchilsSparlatan

    I got the same problem i think. It gets reconized by windows, but never receives any frames. The xbox logo turns on and off all the time.
    I also bought a usb 3 pci-e adapter with a a via chipset, but nothing changed.

    Using a x99 motherboard though…


    Yours sounds like a bandwidth issue and not the same problem at all.

    From – https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-windows/accessories/kinect-for-windows-v2-known-issues

    Only USB3 controllers from Intel and Renesas are supported
    If you use a different brand of USB3 controller, the Kinect sensor may not function correctly. For example:

    The sensor may fail to enumerate
    Depth may not stream
    Color may not stream
    The sensor may stop functioning
    Packet loss may increase

    Via isn’t on that list, and they aren’t joking when they say what is supported. I bought a card with USB 3.1 and all this crap and thought “This is WAY more advanced than what they call for, it HAS to work” … it’s sitting in a drawer getting dusty now – I had to buy a Renesas card to make it work – despite even having an Intel controller on my board.

    The different with my problem, is mine works fine, for 12 hours, or a day, or three days sometimes – but then it stops and nothing will make it work again except a reboot. It does not sound like yours is ever working at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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