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    Hello Greg and other readers:
    I’m wondering which solution would be better, a Kinect 360 tracking head position and 2 PS Move controllers or just using only NoloVR controllers/head tracker/camera?
    Other than lower body tracking, is there any significant difference between these two, such as tracking precision?

    Best Regards,


    Use the one u got i would say, imo i would rather buy the Windows Mixed Reality from Samsung before i get an Nolo as its not much pricedifference.


    Well, I have an OSVR HDK2 and a Kinect 360 that i had from the XBox Kinect game days. I’m tempted to get just two PS Move controllers, since that would essentially be the same as getting NoloVR but $100 cheaper since:

    Kinect 360 = Nolo IR Camera
    Skeleton head tracking(LED ball if wanted/needed to setup) = Nolo head tracking ball
    LED light ball tracking on PS Move’s = Nolo controllers

    I’d just like to know if the tracking accuracy of the Kinect system is significantly worse than Nolo, or if there are any other big differences between the two.

    Best Regards,

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    if you have kinect 360 then you need adapter + ps moves and it will be 150 cheaper then nolo (it costs 200). however 360 has quite narrow tracking space. Kinect One is much better bur the price will be higher (mostly due to crazy price of adapter).
    I would not say it is significently worse but right now I have problem with fast moves as colour and depth frames in kinect are out of sync 🙂 that means that if I find colour ball on RGB frame it is not there on depth frame. But that is where some smart algorighms can be applied 🙂
    The best if people on forum could answer that. I know some have problems but on the other hand many people use it with success.



    Ah I see, well luckily I don’t plan on playing any games that require fast movements.🙂 I appreciate the reply, Greg, and hopefully you do find a way to fix that color/depth sync problem. Seeing as you’ve already done as much as you have with this, I assume you’ll work it out. Good luck.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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