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    justin williamszorky

    is there a way to make kat loco to work with driver4vr?

    Robert Byrnesuniqueone

    I would love to see this too.

    The loco has great possibilities as a tracker alternative but they don’t focus on mocap at all with their software. I’m sure driver4vr could do a lot more with the trackers data, mostly using current code.

    Robert Byrnesuniqueone

    Actually it would be nice if it could simply take the kat trackers when in mocap mode from steamvr and emulate vive trackers so they are actually detected by software without kat support added.

    Long term though, i could see them being useful as a secondary source of rotation data to combine with driver4vr’s virtual skeleton. Maybe could fill in some blank spots like when too close to kinect for it to see the whole body, etc.

    Robert Byrnesuniqueone

    For anyone here with a kat loco, through a bunch of experimenting I have managed to get them to show up as normal trackers (so the mocap mode will be available to software other than vrchat).

    Extract kat_tracker_actual_tracker7.7z into <Steam Folder>\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers.

    I have also hacked together some better looking render models for them that actually look somewhat like the kat loco trackers and are about the right size in vr.

    Extract kat_tracker_better_rendermodel.7z into <Steam Folder>\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers

    I would still like to see driver4vr take control of the trackers as maybe it can fix the silly pendulum movement of the loco drivers, but this at least gets them working for stuff.


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