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    First of all, great tool, a little pricey for the bugs that seem to come with but you are taking steps that nobody else seems to be taking, so thankyou.

    Now, on to my query. Basically as I think most people are, I am using the kinect 360 to allow for full body tracking for games such as VR chat. I calibrate everything correctly and then load up VR chat. For some reason a number of ‘bugs or ‘errors’ happen when I pair myself up to my character. No matter how accurate I am with aligning the ‘pucks’ my avatar messes up, one way or another. Either I am crouched and my spine is broken, or I am a foot off the ground etc!

    Am I doing something wrong personally? Could my character model be ill-proportioned? I look forward to your reply.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    first question is what happens when you press System to return to SteamVR. you should see your foots again. are they displayed properly ?


    This is more likely your models not being in similar proportions to your own body. I have the same problem, i have 30ish avatars uploaded and all of them have really long legs, and I don’t. So the leg bones don’t match up well at all.

    Hip bone placement in the body is important as well, i’ve found that MMD models in particular place the bottom of the hip bone directly in line with the top of the leg bones and in a lot of cases it cause the the hip to tilt either forward or backwards.
    To alleviate that you can raise the position of the hip bone in blender.

    One thing i found to help a lot with the proportion problem (after spending hours editing my models) I tried adjusting the calibration settings. in the settings you can raise/lower the hip bone artificially and the same with the feet. So what worked best for me was finding the correct height in game then switching to the avatar i want. line up the balls and hands as best I can. then after that go into the driver4vr calibration settings and adjust the feet and hips to match where they should normally be on your model. For feet use a negative value to lower the foot controllers and hips use a positive value to raise the hip controller.

    It takes some fiddling but its way easier to do it like that then to have to re do all my models.

    Hope that helps, hit me up in the vrchat discord if you need more help.

    Also if you want to test without adjusting the heights of the controllers use the default x-bot or y-bot avatars, they have humanlike proportions and worked pretty well for me, the Y bot was still a little tall but usable.


    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    I’m having similar issues but my avatars are regular height and stuff. But my kinect thinks that my hands are my feet when using the oculus rift (White dots should be feet, oculus controllers should be hands). I probably would have bought a gold membership but I can barely get it to work right with my hands. SteamVR detects the torso and feet but on SteamVR Home my oculus touch controllers are still my feet.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    check out this version. it has fixed hand-feet problem. will release this today or tomorrow the latest.

    Drew SmithDrew Smith

    Hello ^^

    I would like to First say thank You for all your hard work. This software reminds me of when I used my connect for motion capture in high school making games with Unity and other programs.

    I just purchased the software to use my old 360 Kinect for full body motion tracking in my Oculus Rift VR. I found that my play-space is too small and my cords are to short to extend my Kinect far enough for smooth full body motion tracking.

    My question is this, Would it be possible to enable lower body tracking only? using Driver4VR to track my lower body and allow my VR system to track the rest.

    I’m Running My Oculus Rift with 3 cams and it dose a fantastic job of tracking my head and Hands. I’m not really worried about my elbows or my upper body and it would make seance to use my Kinect to track my lower body only due to space I have to work with.

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