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    Gavin HarringtonGwalchgwyn

    I’ve been a fan of VR since it was a short-lived fad that involved having a couple of CRTs bolted to your head, and I’ve been waiting all my life for technology to catch up with the vision. Now it’s here, but it’s still in its infancy- this is unfortunately reflected in the cost. It’s so, so close, and yet still just out of reach for many (including me).

    The Cardboard and a mobile phone was a hint of something more affordable, and with certain VR streaming apps, one could even have a peek at what ‘real’ SteamVR or Oculus users enjoyed. It was only a peek though, and like the scent of steak on an empty stomach, it inspired only greater hunger.

    Now mobile phones provide resolutions and refresh rates that crawl ever closer to the sweet spots coveted by dedicated HMDs, and with a decent pair of lenses they provide an increasingly convincing VR experience. Other software, elsewhere, handles the streaming of the content beautifully, but falls a little flat when it comes to emulating other aspects of VR. Specifically, interfacing with the VR world; control.

    I had all but given up before I tried Driver4VR. Within minutes I was able to use a bow and arrow with a pair of mice. Delving deeper into what the software could do I was inspired to buy a small number of components and start experimenting.

    I have spent next to nothing on a minimum of components (including a bag of coloured ping-pong balls) and an obsolete console accessory, all with realistically low expectations… and the experience so far is amazing!

    I’m still waiting for some remaining bits to arrive, but I’m really impressed with preliminary testing. While I wait for really good VR solutions to become a little less expensive, I already have the very real prospect of engaging in a massive library of VR material. Sure, I might lack the grace and ease of control that someone with a couple of thousand to spend might enjoy, but I’m getting a hell of a lot for the cost of a couple of lunches.

    Thank you, Greg. You have provided me a shortcut to a dream I’ve had since I got my first taste of VR thirty years ago. True, your product is only one part of several clever technologies that have made inexpensive VR a viable experience, but it is an inestimably important part.

    I just wanted to get that out. I’ll share some details of my ghetto setup when I reach a point of satisfactory completion, but for now it will suffice to share why it means so much to me.

    I’m like a big kid with my first computer again.

    Gavin HarringtonGwalchgwyn


    The site appears to be broken (login is not working correctly). 🙁

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    not broken.
    many thanks for kind words 🙂

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