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    Gavin HarringtonGwalchgwyn

    My setup:
    – Daydream headset + Galaxy S9 w/ VRidge
    – Kinect 360
    – Joy Cons

    What works:
    Kinect360 with two neutral-density filters over the lens, and coloured LEDs inserted into ping-pong balls: positional tracking is good, with my head and hands being tracked surprisingly smoothly.
    Joy Con(s) (an issue potentially with Bluetooth aside, which forces me to use only one JC at a time; working on testing with alternative Bluetooth receivers) track the hand angle and rotation very well; they calibrate to a static position very well, and resetting cumulative drift once in a while is trivial.

    The problem:
    When colour tracking is enable, the VR hand angle behaves as though it is flickering back and forth between the real/interpreted angle and its original/calibrated position. This flicker between the two positions is rapid; about 30hz. When changing real hand angle, the VR hand angle changes, but flickers, leaving behind a similarly flickering ghost in the original position.

    If I disable colour tracking the Joy Cons are interpreted smoothly.

    If I force D4VR to 29Hz or below (presumably below the Kinect360’s refresh rate), it appears to eliminate the flickering.

    With the flickering, any objects held in the hand in VR are shaken violently with any change in hand angle; aim flickers accordingly between two points so that pointing at and clicking a button has a 50/50 chance of success.

    Should I just run everything below 30Hz, or have I tripped a setting somewhere that I cannot find, which is causing this?

    I should add that the Joy Cons are third-party knock-offs missing NFC and IR capabilities, but otherwise appear to be functionally identical to genuine Joy Cons. I have not eliminated this as a contributing element.

    I tried resetting D4VR unsuccessfully, even uninstalling it and removing its app data before reinstalling, but was unable to return it to a fresh post-install state. What is the appropriate procedure to achieve this? I plan to configure from fresh and test again- I just don’t seem to be able to get D4VR reset to defaults.

    Any tips or guidance appreciated. No urgency or complaint implied- this already does so much more than I expected from an inexpensive experiment. 😉

    I’m being stumped somewhat by my inability to connect both Joy Cons at once, but I believe this problem lies outside of D4VR; any insight into this would also be appreciated, however.

    Gavin HarringtonGwalchgwyn

    Damn, I just realised that I posted this in the wrong forum thread. Sorry. -_-

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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