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    Hey all,

    I am attempting to get motion capture data for use in 3D animation programs from Driver4VR using another program called Brekel OpenVR Recorder (http://brekel.com/openvr-recorder/).

    OpenVR Recorder reads data from SteamVR and allows for export of controller positions as FBX files that can be loaded into popular 3D animation software like Maya, 3DStudio, or Blender.

    After installing and calibrating Driver4VR I can see my feet and hips moving around in 3D space inside VR as expected (which is awesome). However, inside OpenVR Recorder, the virtual devices are listed as “Running OK” having an update frequency of 0.0 (screenshot attached) and are stuck in position within 3D space at their at the time OpenVR Recorder was launched.

    I have tested OpenVR Recorder using PSMoveService and can verify that it is definitely able to function using nonstandard controller types.

    I’m trying to figure out if there is some difference in the data stream sent by Driver4VR that would cause OpenVR Recorder to ignore the updates. I understand that this could be an issue with OpenVR Recorder, but I’m hoping for some troubleshooting advice. You can see the original thread where I was tracking my progress with PSMoveService and Driver4VR here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/brekel-kinect/openvr-recorder/b5UKV2nSgqk

    I have attached a screenshot of Brekel OpenVR Recorder showing the symptoms of this issue.

    steamvr.vrsettings: https://pastebin.com/5saNeEzE
    vrserver.txt: https://pastebin.com/N1bHNRuU

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i tried ikinema studio and there was required some fix to make it working.
    i will need to try this as well.


    Thanks for the reply Greg,

    OpenVR Recorder has a fairly liberal free trial period, and if that’s not enough just contact the creator, Jasper. He’s very responsive to questions and seems willing to work with people who want to integrate with his software.

    Thanks for looking into this!

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