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    I’ve gotten my tracking to work in vr chat after properly setting my sensor up and reinstalling the software.

    In game it will only work with the blue model displayed in the youtube video demoing the software due to the feet positioning.

    It will also only work if my touch controllers appear as actual touch controllers when you log into vr chat, and there are times where my feet will appear as controllers and my hip as a ball or one foot as a ball and the other being a controller while my hip isn’t displaying. Likely to be my own error, just would like to share this for feed back.


    @Greg Driver
    I have gotten of he point where I can get my tracking to work by adjusting the hip and leg offsets but when in game (vr chat) I am given an orb and a controller for my hands and a controller and an orb for my feet. I do not have color tracking on and the only time I’ve gotten it to work was when my controllers appeared as touch controllers on my hands while in T pose and when my feet were orbs. I cannot get past this issue, It would be greatly appreciated if I could receive some assistance.
    If you need any further info / video / screen shot / log file just ask.

    Thanks, John.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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