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    I have several games I’d like to play seated (Elite, Subnautica)

    does the kinect work while seated or must I stand for skeleton/head tracking to work

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    kinect 360 has option for seated tracking but I don’t think it will work well when you are at PC.
    In next couple of weeks I will add light tracking to driver. you basically will need some kind of led put on your headset but not as big as ps move ball leds.
    this will make head tracking work even in bed ๐Ÿ™‚
    i will share more details as I do more testing.




    I use kinnect v2 for seated tracking with PIMAX 4K. I use the kinnect just for positional tracking. Although it doesnt work perfect, is perfectly playable and i actually play all of my simulation games with it.

    You have to position the kinect at 45ยบ from you and configure the settings.

    Greg, i continue thinking that if you add a raw data filter to the kinect positional tracking it would work really well. For me, just do weird movements when facing the HMD to the kinect, because the kinect take the position of the HMD as if it was my shoulders and vice-versa, so it jitters in the Y axis.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    the case you describe is not something I can fix by raw data filter.
    what you describe is actually very specific behavior where depending on angle of your head kinect thinks that headset is your head or not. i don’t have control over that.
    if I make light tracked then issue will be gone.


    I would love to have the option on light tracking to improve accuracy and stability of the kinect traxking option your solution vs psmove services has been great already but can be much better to reduce the jitter. Looking forward

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