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    Bonjour :

    (translation google : Fran├žais/anglais.)

    Beginner in VR, I have a Lenovo WMR headset that does not use an external tracker, but it has 2 cameras built into the headset. and he is 3 DOF.

    1) Can driver4Vr allow me to have 6 DOFs?
    I use this headset popur the simulation of car and plane, and so I do not use motion controller.

    on the soft W10 mixed reality mixte, I just adjust my ‘Lenovo’ sitting positon.

    2) I installed drivevr4Vr, put I do not know at which option to choose in the menu of the software to set my headset.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Accuracy: I am under W10 and kinect not support w10!


    your drive4VR, requesting installation of ‘kinect’ on w10.
    in the options I chose inectinfrared IR. but your app is still asking me the installation!

    did the test: kinect, answer ‘not connected.
    I think I should have on my PC the kinect device, which I do not have, not needing it with my Lenovo headset.
    I really wade with your driver4, I’m sorry.

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    WMR is already 6dof using inside out tracking.

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