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    Igara Ctomato1323

    I’m using PSVR (by iVRy) and PSmoveservice bridge. First time, Driver4VR was normal worked. but when I used next time, the controller was bent 90 degrees (to the left) from center.
    I moved it around and I notice center of controller was also bent.I tried recenter HMD and tried room scale setting for recentering so many time. but it not solve the problem.
    I have no idea how to solve it. Can someone help me?

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    you managed to fix I have the same problem?

    Igara Ctomato1323

    I tried reinstall but it not solve.
    Now I’m changing HMD’s “world offset”,but it not good solution because It need resetting when restart.
    so… We need sent e-mail to greg?

    Martin MüllerAshriel

    same problem here 🙁
    after every restart I have to do the offset new.

    Sometimes I see ingame a information screen with “calibrating” (dont know if it is from Steam oder Driver4VR). After this the tracking is out of position again 🙁

    Igara Ctomato1323

    I’m still stack. Still nobody know how to solve. …and still index is out of stock.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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