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    D TXcalibur

    Hi Greg,

    Since the VR-Tek headset have drift in yaw when moving in the other axis (ie. pitch), it would be great to have HMD in the Virtual Move and Rotation menu and being able to control Driver absolute offset in yaw using move instead of using the arrows(like in the Controller Offset menu/Adv. offsets)…

    It would be great for re-aligning yaw quickly in-game.


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    does it have an option for a button to recenter position?
    you can send it from driver4vr controller using any kind of device. that is to set up in options.

    D TXcalibur

    Unfortunately no. I can also use your HMD angle calibration to fix it to some extend (orientation will re-align but position will be elsewhere).


    I have a vr-tek headset too that has drift and no re-center key. I gave up on positional tracking because I had to constantly use the reset seated position in steam settings. If driver4vr could also override head-tracking we might be able to use a better device for rotational tracking.

    D TXcalibur

    Well, I have described the situation and solution to Greg already on Discord. I guess if more users ask for it he will do it.

    FYI, I do the following to fix it:
    1. calibrate button to fix angle between HMD and kinect v1
    2. recenter standing space in steam setting quick calibrate then fix floor
    3. when it drifts, i go into Controller Shift/Offset and press up/down in HMD, Adv. Offsets, Driver absolute offset.
    4.repeat step 3 mid game when it drift too much.

    If he put it in Virtual move and rotation menu, we can do it without using arrow in the menu and on the fly. It might conflict with game commands but drift is worst…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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