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    I currently have a Vive + 360 Kinect setup going. I saw mention of being able to assign either a psmove or daydream controller to hips + feet to achieve rotation.

    That seemed exciting, as I would really love to use the daydream controller I have laying around to get hip rotation that would make for more natural movement in VRChat. I even went out and bought a Bluetooth dongle for the occasion.

    Unfortunately now that I go to set it up as a hip tracker in the Device Manager, I only see the feet appear as options. I saw Greg mention in other threads on this forum that assigning only one daydream controller specifically to hips is an option, so I was wondering why the hips might not be appearing on my list to make that possible.

    Please let me know what I might try to do to get the hip tracker to appear on the list alongside the feet so that I can assign my daydream controller to act as rotation for my hips rather than my feet.

    Thank you

    EDIT: It seems that the “trackerHip” is available as an option when selecting 3-color tracking. This makes me think that leaving trackerHip out of the available options when using “Skeleton” is somewhat purposeful. If that’s the case, then Greg, could you please allow trackerHips to appear on the list if there are no differences between the hips and feet that would cause issues in this case? It would be very much appreciated as I only have a single daydream controller (and others may be in the same position), but could gain some nice natural movement in VRChat by having hip rotation.

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    Thanks for posting, I have the same problem and want to assign a joycon to the hip but found the tracker unassignable in Kinect skeleton mode. Hopefully it will be implemented soon, or it would be cool if there is a workaround that works to have hip trackers assignable.

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