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    Logan AndrewsLogan Andrews

    So everything works as it should with the Kinect skeleton tracking, However I have noticed that the hip tracker lags behind the rest, Is there any way to reduce the delay on it?

    A little more detail on what I mean:
    The foot tracker movement seems to be pretty quick and fast, I can step to the side and my body in game does this weird thing where the hips move after the rest of the body so my movements turn into a weird lean, However this lean does not exist on in the skeleton view. The hips on the skeleton seem to move just fine but it’s the emulated tracker that has a significant delay compare to the rest of the emulated trackers.

    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    Unfortunately Greg cannot re-make the entire sdk to make the hips work better. Not only would it take a team of employees working on the project, it would might make the kinect unreliable. If you want better hip tracking in general look to get a kinect v2.
    The kinect 360’s delay is around about 66ms and hips are harder for the kinect to predict than feet.

    Logan AndrewsLogan Andrews

    Does thou even read.

    The kinect SDK sees the movement just fine when looking at the skeleton. There is a delay from when the sdk/skeleton sees the movement and the virtual tracker/driver4vr software moves the hips, That same deley does not exist when moving the feet. As in when moving in a 3d space your avatar’s hips lag behind the feet.

    So the issue seems to be related more with how the driver4vr calculates where the hip should be based on the skeleton the kinect sees.

    ether way I did pick up on xbox one kinect and while it does react quick enough that it’s no longer a real issue the xbox one kinect still has a very slight delay in hip vs feet movement. It’s just only noticeable if you are actively looking at your hips when moving.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    there is no much I am doing special about hip tracking vs. rest of joints…
    can you tell me which version do you use and what do you compare it with ?

    Logan AndrewsLogan Andrews

    I use the version provided in

    Kinect Trackers instructions

    I am also using the newest kinect4vr driver.

    I was mainly wondering if there was some setting on configuration option that could reduce the delay with the xbox 360 kinect. If there isn’t then that’s that.

    I did pick up a xbox One Kinect and adaptor and the delay is greatly reduced with it to the point where you have to be looking for it or trying to do more precise or snappy hip movement to notice it.

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