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    This is not really a bug, but something that I hope is improved.

    The program runs well, calibration goes well(except I think i have my Kinect too high so i obscure feet when i bend over.) But when I put my headset on in SteamVR the virtual trackers update slowly, as if they are at a low fps, and everything else works fine.

    I helped improve this by overclocking my system which allows me to move smoothly with a few players in the server in VRchat, but when more than a dozen are around my cpu is maxed out, and tracking becomes bad causing my lower body to move at a low fps.

    I am writing this here because Driver4VR takes up between 20-30% of my cpu usage once I click ‘start’, and continues to even after I click ‘stop’. On launching the program it takes up a negligible amount of cpu.

    This combined with running a VR game can cause my cpu to max out, compromising the tracking, and my fps. So I can only ask for you to take a look at ways of optimising the CPU usage. I understand if this isn’t possible, or isn’t something you want to do, but I would appreciate it, and it would allow better tracking with more demanding VR programs, and for people running just above the minimum requirements for VR.

    Included a screenshot of the cpu usage after starting, then stopping.
    (the vr compositor usage drops when a game is running)

    My CPU is a Athlon x4 860k @ 4.1ghz
    GPU is r9 290x with about a 10% boost to both clocks.

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    basically for systems like oculus and vive it is the hardware that can take ownership by processing but here we are adding processing so cannot completely avoid it.
    i will look on that and see what I can do..


    Thank you for the quick response, and trying.

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