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    I had a wacky idea about using your body to control avatars in games

    I don’t keen fill body tracking like vrchat

    But forward, back, starting, turning etc. Using your body.

    So far, using programs such as Natural Locomotion or Vrocker, its possible to walk, run, jump and crouch using your body.

    Still, there is a disconnect in VR

    You can’t turn or move backwards, strafe without the use of controllers /large open areas for room scale.

    Now to my idea

    Based on controller relitive movement systems

    Games where you point the controller psycially where you ant to go.

    Using driver4vr may be the key

    Would it be possible, to add a gyro device like a joycon, phone, daydream controller etc. As a hybrid controller with an existing controller?

    Using your method of bringing in 3 dof controllers and exagerating arm poses would be the key.

    Let me try to articulate as best I can the dream end result

    You place the third added 3 dof controller in your shirt pocket (the idea is to track your torsos lean and tilt)

    So, when you lean back, the third controller translates this movement as your left controller pointing backwards….and your avatar moves backwards

    Lean left or right and your third 3 dof controllers movements translates to your regular left controller pointing left or right…..and your avatar strafes.

    Looking at your calabration videos I see its possible to calculate virtual arm poses to make a 3 DOF controller behave somewhat like a 6 dof controller.

    My idea would keen two things

    This third added controllers arm pose would be greatly exagerated, so that small torso movements translate as large arm pose archs

    And secondly,

    I would still want to use the regular controllers so perhaps a toggle to implement when the 3 DOF controller overides the regular controller and vice versa

    I do believe this is the kay, when combined with the already mentioned natural locomotion and/or Vrocker to achieving a better sense of presence in VR

    Any thoughts, help or advice your be greatly appreciated and welcomed

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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