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    Hey all, been having a super frustrating time with this and not sure what to do.

    I have 2 PS4 Move controllers, used PSMove Service to get them paired. They dont have a magnet since ps4 so did the gyro only. Seem to work according to the tests in there.

    Set the Head tracking to Kinect Skeleton, Hand Controllers to PSMove, and Body to Kinect Skeleton. After getting into Beat Saber I notice that I appear to be under everything and everything is off the to the side. So basically I have to turn right just to click anything. I tried resettiing the view but it doesnt change.

    Worse yet my 2 controllers rotate but dont seem to actually move out of the center of the screen. Almost like they are stuck together in a rotating ball and can pivot but not actually move.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong or why this isnt working? Spent several hours on this and styarting to pull my hair out.


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    why did you select psmoveservice for hand tracking if you use skeleton ?


    Honestly Im following the guide from JRae on Youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDCnbNzKFiI )

    At 5min mark you can see he did
    Head – Kinect Skeleton
    Hand – PSMove
    Body – Kinect Skeleton

    I have the PSVR Headset, PSVR Move Controllers, and Kinect Camera. What should I be doing instead? Thanks!


    With some tinkering I got the screen to look better but its still off some. I think the bigger issue is that the controllers are stuck together and rotate but do not separate from one another. And they seem to be stuck to the floor.

    Ive tried changing the Rotation center options but it doesnt change anything. Im using PS4 move controllers and VR Bridge 1.6

    Appreciate the help!

    Marius MaurerMarius Maurer


    Have the same Problem. I reinstall d4vr and the psmove steambridge. But nothing changed. Anyone an idea for the issue.


    Any help is very much appreciated, especially before the trial runs out in just a couple of days. Thanks

    Summer TuckerSummer Tucker

    I’m also having an issue with the controllers being stuck. The buttons work, but they don’t track. I don’t understand how Jrae got them tracking so well. He had to have skipped something in the tutorial. Help would be nice since I do want to buy Driver4VR but I don’t want to waste money on it if it isn’t going to work properly. I’ve asked a lot of people and still haven’t gotten the help I needed.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    for the moment you should select kinect: skeleton for tracking.
    i will make new release that will work with the settings that you have right now as in JRae video.


    Thanks greg, looking forward to the updated release. Was hoping to try before my trial runs out (tomorrow I think). Regarding the Kinect, is it important to have a fairly blank wall behind you? I stand in front of a shelf with lots of figurines, not sure if that would throw it off potentially? thanks

    Matthew BesterBester

    Hello Greg, I have run into a similar issue as above.

    Last night I finished a very successful VR session, my best yet, but this morning (without changing anything) both my controllers are stuck together, fixed in the same spot. They rotate fine and the buttons operate OK but I am unable to move them. It is almost like they are stuck at a zero coordinate.

    This is strange because last night they worked beautifully!

    Nothing appears to have been updated overnight. I have tried a few restarts, then I tried to verify SteamVR files, then I tried to reinstall Driver4VR driver, reinstall TrinusPSVR driver. Calibration of the PSMoreService appears to be fine but no luck.

    I was doing so well too, this is the first time I have had to reach out for help. Controller offset is able to “relocate” them but is not a practical solution.

    What could be causing them to become fixed to the spot together like this?

    Current setup:
    Windows 10 1903
    TrinusPSVR 1.0.9
    PSMoveService v0.9-alpha 9.0.1
    PSVR Headset V2
    2x PlayStation Move Controllers V2
    Kinect V2

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    do you see skeleton in kinect preview? do you have hand tracking set to kinect: skeleton?

    Matthew BesterBester

    @Greg Driver well I feel silly.

    I did have Head tracking set to Kinect: Skeleton and Hand tracking set to PSMoveService with Kinect but it appears I was just a tad bit too close to the Kinect camera and it wasn’t displaying the skeleton as you said.

    I made a bit more room behind me and took a step back and it started working as expected, it was as simple as that.

    Alvin Joseph ZagalaZyphr

    Hi Greg Driver! I recently purchased your software and i couldn’t make it work properly on my computer. My computer setup is just like jrae and i couldn’t make work like his does. When i start up steamVR my view is always looking back and my controllers is all over the place and also i am not at the center. I tried using psmove plus kinect to track the hands but the controls are still unpredictable going all over the place. Sometimes the controllers are facing right. Also i don’t know what i am doing wrong with the headtracking.When i’ve already fixed my orientation then i try move a lot the veiw tilts until either i am facing the ceiling or the floor and sometimes tilted 90 degrees to the left or right. I really want to make this work i’ve been at if for 2 days now to no avail.

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