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    Saverio GizziRevas

    Hi there, i discovered since a couple of days this fantastic driver4vr, i-ve got a psvr and a kinect but i need to buy some controller.

    I just bought psvr and a new gaming pc so i`m on the cheap now.
    Is it possible to have kinect for tracking psvr and arms and use those 5-10 $ android controllers, to use buttons? (i saw from a video a guy using kinect only that couldnt click but looked like hands was tracked as vive controllers in steamvr)
    If this solution cant work (maybe lack of rotation is a problem?) what are the better to chose?
    Thanks 🙂

    Saverio GizziRevas

    i’m starting to think that a 3dof controller is needed, am i right?
    So wich one is the best? (samsung, google, other?) Are they precise?
    Is there anything better (better experience) going higher in price?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i would say that old ps moves are decent ones.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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