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    prosody speaksprosodyspeaks

    TL:DR what is the cheapest functional system for tracked hand controllers? does Driver4VR + kinect 360 + 2x cheap bt controller achieve this? what limitations? if not what are most affordable functional controllers?

    hi! i’m brand new to vr and pretty clueless. any advice on how to move forward (literally and figuratively!) really greatfully received…

    what i have so far:

    Rx 5700xt + Ryzen 2600 (win10)
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Samsung Galaxy S6
    Homido (google cardboard type) phone headmount
    Vridge/RiftCat (paid)
    Vridge Controller (paid but is crap)
    Driver4VR (paid)
    playstation ds4 gamepad
    steam vr
    kinect 360 (on order)

    so far i can manage:
    1) vridge/riftcat + galaxy phone = HMD with inside-out head tracking.
    for now i am content with the quality (phone is 1440p, or 2x 720p i think, and tracking is decent).

    2) DS4Windows converts DS4’s Dinput into Xinput, driver4VR converts xinput into 2x emulated vive controllers.
    this works, and is a great way to get started, but obviously trying to move hands around with joysticks etc is a nightmare.

    3) i think i know how to set up skeleton tracking for kinect+D4VR, but does this give positional (and/or rotational) data for hands?

    if not what is the most affordable trackable controller that actually works? i see loads of cheap ‘vr controllers’ on ebay, but can’t tell if they’re tracked at all, if not can kinect help? and if not, then how do other budget options compare?

    fyi i can get:
    generic ‘vr controller’ ~ £5-10 new
    PSMOVE motion controller ~£50 (used)
    PSMOVE Navigation Controller ~£15 (refurb)
    PS3EYE ~£8 (used)
    Gear VR motion controller ~£30 (used)
    Wii remote ~£30 (refurb)

    i don’t think i’m willing to spend 2x£50 for controllers, when i can likely get second hand oculus cv1 with 2x controllers for ~£220 (not that i have any idea if cv1 is any better than my phone? but at least i’d stop running my galaxy so hot!

    or maybe i can somehow integrate vridge controller app on the galaxy s6? the phone touchscreen buttons are useless, but position and rotation sensors are fine – what if i tape it to a cheap controller or something – could driver4vr extract the position data and combine it with button data?

    Sony DS4
    has gyro + accelerometer – is there any way to leverage DS4 position / rotation in D4VR? if not is this on a to-do list? or maybe it’s not possible? i am able to use it for gyro-aim via either ds4windows or steam so i figure it should be feasible but can’t find any info online…

    so yeah – in short, what is the most affordable way to achieve tracked hand controllers?

    Thanks again for any guidance.

    prosody speaksprosodyspeaks

    i can’t find a way to edit or remove posts?!

    i somehow didn’t see the kinect controller-tracking subforum, so i guess this is in the wrong place?

    anyway, i’ve also found joycon controllers at around £30

    but more importantly, do i need a pc adaptor for the kinect 360? this is what i ordered


    is there an idea for PS3 eye to track hand movements?

    prosody speaksprosodyspeaks

    you mean like ginger movements like leap motion gestures, or hand posittion from skeleton like kinnect?

    answer is i don’t know

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