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    Hi Greg, i’m trying to buy this controllers that are pretty cool and inexpensive, it will work just fine with this? Can I use 2 at the same time on my PC? I have Kinect One for my body & head tracking but I need controllers for my hands and these seems pretty cool, thank you in advance!

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    sadly they will not. i started work with them but it is not as simple as daydream.


    Oh 🙁 I hope that you can add support for those in the future, I like the trigger of those controllers.
    and Wiimotes? I saw that you add some menus for that, I’ve a couple of wiimotes with motion plus inside laying around

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i published what I managed to do so far here. If you know anyone who can dev and would like to help with tetsing then we can finish it up. So everyone will be able to benefit from this.


    Jerame MarksJerame Marks

    The Controller is Functional. But it needs some Tweaks. When you use it for a While. it Will Loose Location


    Can I ask you How it works? Do i Need to have it calibrated and connected to gear vr or connect to Bluetooth to PC. then how to calibrate it?

    Lukas Skrabulisnocturrr

    Hi Greg, does driver4vr fully support GearVR Controller connected to PC now? or it is still work in progress? thank you.


    I just purchased two.of these from ebay due to my frustrations with psmove not having touchpads. I have Kinect + leap motion also will that work for position tracking and allow me to use gearvr for buttons and touchpad?

    joe gormanlyjoeontherun

    I also borrowed 1 from my brother just for experimenting with my oculus go i had problems even getting my pc to detect it on a bluetooth scan just does not see it and i know its unpaired due to it running through the colours,

    i have tried varius things i will list below

    1. connecting to pc via Bluetooth holding the home button (windows 10) – No detection at all

    2. Connecting to oculus go headset via the oculus software which allows you to add controllers again the same no controller found

    3. Actually adding the controller in via the development section on the headset where it lets you pair Bluetooth devices (This did see the controller & added it however there was no functionality) it just sat dormant 🙁

    1 thing to note when i did pair it to the oculus there was no prompt for pin code and apparently you need to enter a pin?

    Are these controllers proprietary to Samsung devices all there advertising seems to point to that, but you would think if it added as a Bluetooth device on the oculus go then running the driver4vr would then interface it but i had no luck passing the device through to the software, or it wasent looking in the right place for it,

    Maby its me maby im syncing wrong and just to add i did remove the oculus go controller to see as they state you cant use 2 at once but it would seem i cant even get the gear vr controller to work on its own,

    I am thinking that Samsung with there vr software or an app is interlinked and when the controller is added to a Samsung phone it interfaces with that and this is why other devices are not working with it?


    I got both connected and assigned to my hands but I cannot get them to sync up in 3d space with my kinect tracking. going thru the joy con tutorial once again to double check.

    Lukas Skrabulisnocturrr

    Hello there

    I use GearVR controllers and they work just great! They are mapped really good in Driver4VR software and have all buttons and functions like Vive wands. To avoid drift – Yaw should be overwritten by Kinect.

    Also, it is worth investing in a good Bluetooth dongle so the controllers would be detected and work properly.

    In order for controllers to work you need to reinsert batteries and pair with PC before you start gaming session and unpair after you finished. Doing this way they work every time!

    My setup:

    OS: Win10
    Bluetooth dongle: Asus USB-BT400
    Head: GearVR (modified, for proper USB tethering) + RiftCat (HEVC enabled) + Note8
    Controller: 2 x GearVR controllers
    Body tracking: Kinect One

    Thank you, Greg! Really good work! Playing HL Alyx no problems, great experience!

    Can’t wait for 2 x Kinect feature!


    June JohnsonKitten

    May I ask how you modified your gear vr?


    Just wanted to let everyone know I got them working flawlessly now with Kinect. My next adventure will be making them work with just a leap motion and no Kinect, my Kinect is mounted on the way and I want a way to move my headset to another room with my laptop

    David HarrisonDavidOBE

    For those who have been able to get the GearVR controller connected in windows, how did you do it? I can’t get it to pair in windows when searching for bluetooth devices.


    Stefan TST

    You need Win 10 1809. From 1903, pairing of 2 BLE devices from the same class is blocked.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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