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    L Pcurious_pineapple

    I think a recent Windows update may have caused some issues with D4VR. This issue has happened across 3 of my machines (2 are almost identical Intel based HP’s and one is an older AMD FX machine), and on my brothers recently built Ryzen system. When starting SteamVR there’s a good chance that the dashboard overlay won’t display when pressing the system button (although the blue chaperone circle does appear on the floor). When this happens games are completely broken. In Steam Home the camera is stuck in the floor and when moving the headset it doesn’t change the viewpoint, but it starts unloading textures and objects. In VRChat similar happens. The camera is at head height and you can move around, but the mirror is as if the camera for it is stuck in place. When watching it on a monitor the whole room moves but the image in the mirror stays constant. If I rotate using the buttons on the remote, the game unloads everything in view until I’m almost standing on/in it. Some things start to load back in when rotating the headset.

    It’s as if Driver4VR isn’t giving SteamVR correct orientation and position data for the headset. If I make sure everything VR related is closed and let the game start SteamVR, it works fine. The game has to be loaded and running before starting Driver4VR otherwise it breaks. If I exit a game, there’s a good chance that SteamVR seems OK, but will break again when another game is loaded.
    I have a 2 day old Windows install and I can do a video on YouTube at some point so you can see the game and SteamVR views. The only things shared between all 4 systems are my PSVR using iVRy, my steam and Driver4VR accounts and the SSD manufacturer.

    Last night I had it running by loading the game first, and starting D4VR last, and after about half an hour when VRC was put on top of other windows, it broke again. I tried using Trinus instead of iVRy and I found that it was outputting 2 images. One went to my headset which seemed to be fixed at about 200 degree rotation, and another output to a monitor which was the actual VR output. It seems as if the game orientation and the VR output orientation are wildly offset. In this state is is impossible to load another VR game without closing everything and starting again.

    L Pcurious_pineapple

    Looks like it was caused by iVRy. I installed a previous version through the steam Beta tab and it’s been working fine all evening.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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