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    I’m going to be honest here, having the free version to be time limited per use is just an cheap and asshole move. It would be better if some things were just locked out. Not everyone is willing to pay for this and it should be open source so more people could help in the project.



    my old CEO just says “Take it or leave it”


    Aaron Chen

    It’s not even that expensive. You spent like $1500 on the whole working system and don’t want to pay $20 for this wonderful tracking system that will save you some bucks against HTC’s body tracker?



    What Chen said. Honestly, $20 to guarantee continued development is far from the worst thing.


    Serhat GÖKSEL

    I cannot pay with Paypal. Please put alternative way to pay for gold.


    Greg Driver

    i already replied other thread. i am already testing this gateway. please let me know via contact form.


    kevin t

    i hope im not to late to test out this limited time offer of free


    Kenneth Tuisk

    I find that even 15 eur for full version is too much, I would actually pay for this if the price would be 5-10 eur.


    Antoine Larose

    30 minutes of trial ? What’s a huge joke ! I didn’t have the time to install the whole VR system. Just stop fucking kidding me, I refuse to buy 20$ just for use joycons like controller.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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