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    Would it be possible to use a standard webcam instead of a kinect for fullbody tracking/hand tracking? I’ve seen many links and attempts at essentially turning your webcam into a kinect, and they all seemed to have worked great. Would there be a way to use this in Driver4VR?

    Jason SelsleyJMS1717

    One of the most popular ones I have seen is OpenPose and it looks like it works well. I tried installing the demo but couldn’t get it working. This would be very cool to see implemented


    I would like to bump this. Google also has an Open Source “Full Body Pose Estimation” library. I should clarify that OpenPose is also Open Source, as the name suggests.

    Maksim KozlovMaksim Kozlov

    Yeah, I’ll bump this too. There’s also a thing called frankmocap from Facebook research, it’s open-source too. You can actually already use it with RTX/CUDA GPU to full body in realtime through a unity plugin. If I got this correctly, it’s only a matter of time until someone will make an experimental solution for SteamVR. Exciting times!

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