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    Guillermo Pellewgp1108

    Hi im new in this vr world and im really poor , my firend lend me the oculus and i ve invested 30 € in making driver4vr and psmoveservice work.

    I have problems with some games because i dont have joystick , does someone know a solution for this ? Maybe a ps navigator?

    And my last issue occurs when i use driver4vr with my ps moves, it shows as a htc vive controller. I think this is caussing me some porblems trying to play oculus games , it always says me they cant find my controllers

    So my questions are , is there a way to run everything via steam vr and with full compatibility for “htc vive controllers” also how can i solve my “joystick problem”

    I have sucssesfully played beat saber , super hot (open vr beta) with some joystick/movement problems and boneworks with also some movement problems

    I apologise for my english and for being so dumb

    Pls can someone explain me things?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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