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    Matt JohnsonMatt

    I’ve been trying to get d4vr to work for a few weeks now and i still keep on getting the “Driver4vr is not detected. please run installer” error.

    i’ve run the installer many times and it still gives me the error. SteamVR is also not running in safe mode. I really want to try out this driver for fbt with my wmr before buying it but my trial has expired. im using kinect 360 fyi.

    i have tried out kinect2vr and it works fine but the manual calibration on that software is really annoying. since k2vr works, i really have no idea why d4vr wouldn’t on my laptop. log files are attached below

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    you are most likely in Safe Mode. Click Disable safe mode on window near SteamVR.

    Matt JohnsonMatt

    i’ve restarted steamvr a few times and the safemode window isn’t popping up though. i wonder if it is in safe mode but just not notifying me about it?

    also have tried adding the “enableSafeMode” : false line into the steamvr.vrsettings but it keeps on reverting back to its original state.

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