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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver


    Here is a fist version for Alpha tests of body tracking with Camera Markers as first shown in this video.

    To be used with existing headset: Oculus, Index, MWR, HTC, etc.
    Will work with PS Eye and Webcam however with webcam it might lose tracking easily when you move tracker.
    It will also lose tracking when making fast motion with PS Eye.
    Ensure you don’t have strong light in the background, good light from the side of camera and markers are clearly visible.

    Things I will be definitively work on before official release:
    – jitter of rotation when marker is directly facing camera.
    – reduction of jitter when marker visibility changes (it is not huge anyway)
    – options to reduce cpu usage
    – webcam will easily lose tracking when in motion. will try to improve it.
    – camera auto calibration of exposure/gain
    – possibly support more flexibility about marker mounting.
    – add more automation to manual calibration

    This is very good thing that you can experiment even with webcam and one marker before purchasing PS Eye.

    The tracker can be made up out of multiple markers.
    There is key marker and number of secondary markers.
    In order to calibrate key and secondary must be direct neighbours.
    As effect you can’t have marker at front and the back. Option for future.

    Making a tracker

    I am working on pre-fabricated markers that you could purchase if not want to spend time on making yours but that is still to come 😉

    Please also note that you can start with just one marker (Key marker) so just print it and glue on something solid like cardboard and you are ready to go.

    There are two trackers supported for each foot (hip is virtual) and they need to be made out of markers as below:
    Tracker 0 has Key marker: 0 and Secondary markers 1,2,3,4
    Tracker 1 has Key marker: 6 and Secondary markers 7,8,9,10

    Here is how I made my controller. I prefer put this inside shoe as it is much more natural and not feel it is floating.
    Here is my version 🙂

    Driver4VR Carboard Marker Slipper

    I have been working with box of size 13cm. Smaller might work less precise.

    The steps below are complete but I suggest to experiment with Driver4VR a bit before spending time on making a solid tracker 🙂

    The steps to make markers are as below:
    1. Download file with markers
    2. Use Scale option in Printer Advanced Settings to print them in size that will match size of your box. You might need to try with just one marker to get best scale to fit your box.
    3. Cut them out of paper around the outside black rectangle.
    Driver4VR Camera Marker Cut from Paper
    4. Glue Key marker on front and secondary markers on the sides of the box. You can attach marker to the bottom of the box as well for better coverage.
    5. Try to glue it carefully around the edges so it will last for much longer.

    Setup and configuration

    Download Driver4VR

    For PS Eye drivers, download and install drivers.

    Until marker calibration is done, tracker will see only key marker as the tracker.

    I placed PS Eye at the height on 40cm pointing to the corner of my play space. It gives very good coverage.
    Ensure that camera is connected very well as PS Eye is very lightweight and can be easy moved even by slight push of the cable.

    1. Select Camera Markers as Body Tracking option
    2. Before starting Driver4VR please open Camera Markers Settings window and set
    – camera either Webcam or PS Eye.
    – Marker size, now one size for all markers
    – PS Eye gain to make trackers well visible. You can change it when driver is running.
    3. Start Driver4VR

    Now when you show key tracker, you should see it somewhere. You can actually start testing this solution now with one marker as explained in Making a tracker section

    4. Open Camera Markers Settings. Ensure you see camera preview.
    5. When you show your tracker with two markers it will try to calibrate them. You can reset calibration with a button.
    Driver4VR Camera Markers Calibration of Markers
    6. Do same for each pair of Key – Secondary marker for Tracker 0 and Tracker 1
    7. Last step is calibration. Perform manual calibration as on this video. I will add some more automation for release.

    Driver4VR will remember those calibration so next time just start Driver4VR.

    The best if you join Discord server and join testing on #camera-markers channel.
    Or let me know how it work as reply to this thread.
    Don’t forget to subscribe YouTube channel 😉

    Don’t forget to show me how you made your trackers!


    omar guzmanomar guzman

    Wow just great

    Nguyen Duc Tamsaito197

    Hey Greg, quick question: is it possible to use markers with switch joycons to simulate positional hand tracking?


    Nice Job, WOW!!! Can i use this for Hand Tracking too??

    Daniel MiluschewKiraSenpai


    is there a way to use led stripes instead of these markers?

    CJ EverettGokuWorks

    Can i use this to track Vr headset so i only need the PSMoveCam?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    problem with leds is that i can’t effectively distinguish between left ,right and headset leds. there would have to be some assumptions about position so not sure how it will work.

    yes. there will be also option for hand tracking. only not sure how well it will track head cause even small jitter might make bad experience.

    Bruno SerafimBruno Serafim

    Considering that this is better than kinect in the future, which one would weigh less on my pc? I would also like to know if it is possible to use 2 kinects at the same time or would you recommend using 2 pseyes?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i don’t remember exactly now but I think the numbers are close.
    i am working now on support for 2 kinects and there will be also support for 2 ps eye cameras. it might also double cpu usage for each.

    Jack JonesNeko.

    Would this be possible to make a hip tracking belt with some qr codes on to register if u are laying on your side?

    Tom AuBudgetVr

    Download link not working

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i fixed link. please reload page.
    yes. hip tracking will be possible as well.

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    Benjamín MedinaMedineko

    Hey Greg, the link to the alpha versions seems to not be working again, can you fix it please? Im looking forward to try my ps eye camera!
    I tried the normal version which apparently had camera marks but my camera would not be recognized for some reason, so I tried searching for this “alpha” version and couldn’t find it.


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    Konstantin Kondratovkondr1

    How to use it for psvr head tracking?

    Caju KnightCaju_Knight

    “Oops! That page can’t be found.”
    The link to the alpha version not working.

    weegee dayWeegeeday

    for leds, you could use virtual trackers on psmove service, then those appar on driver4vr, and you can assign them to any tracker, you can also use the led tracking for the kinect.

    Jason RossJason Ross

    I’m not sure if you’re already on the case or unaware at the moment but the alpha link is still not working. Just thought I’d let you know since I’m really eager to try this out. Thank you.

    prosody speaksprosodyspeaks

    link still dead i think? 🙁 i was justy about to print…

    but it looks awesome and i’m already using D4VR successfully, thanks for all your work!

    prosody speaksprosodyspeaks

    as i understand you no longer need the alpha – it’s included in the general release! just select camera markers in tracker list…

    Jason RossJason Ross

    Yes, you are correct. I forgot to update my reply. It’s available on the actual software now. Thank you for that.


    Hi Greg, is it possible use it as hand tracking?

    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    I printed one and it was 12.5cm each. but the size param only accepts integer value. can you fix it to float?

    dd daddd dad


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i will make that float and also for head tracking and hand trakcing.
    i am not sure if that will be good enough for head tracking honestly.
    you can live when controller position is glitching but with head position glitching…
    but we will see.

    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    1. Is there any plan about supporting multiple webcams?
    It might be much easier compare to supporting multiple kinects issue.
    …System resource usage matters, but it’s trivial.

    2. I could not find vertical angle calibration. Is there a feature? or having any plan about it?


    would be cool if you could d head tracking with this


    I can not download it 🙁

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    Judy RufinLieutenant2014

    Hey, the download link is broken.

    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    by using this app before run driver4vr, I could decrease exposure time so cam could recognize rapidly moving marker.
    by increase brightness and maximize contrast and gamma, I could compensate low exposure.
    lots of noise there, of course, but no matter for recognizing trackers.

    to Greg : Is it a hard job to make marker size float?
    It’s even better than kinect now I think. but some defect exists.
    they are what I said last time.
    1.Marker size param is integer.
    2.Camera tilt not available.
    I want them to be fixed asap…

    And some complements needed :
    1.Supporting more markers. hip tracker very necessary(not for me : using cv1 3rd touch as tracker…), and somebody wants head/hand tracking like nolo. so maybe up to 6?
    2.Calibration interface
    3.exposure/etc setting for webcam native. low priority? : can use app I attached instead.
    4.Supporting multiple cams : better than supporting opposite facing secondary marker..?
    5.supporting 5th marker : for low computing power system…?

    ed) oh.. exe file upload is forbidden… it’s VideoCap.exe by Alcor Micro Corp.

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    not at all. will do after summer break 🙂

    seo jinseo jin

    The link is broken… plz fix it

    Cheolwoo LimBoronare

    guys… just download from here the new version still supports testing feature.

    James HumphreysHubbit200

    To Greg:
    Any chance it could support 2 PS Eye’s so that we can get full 360° tracking without occlusion problems? Or would it be a ton of work?

    Yosef Kodirundafesoy

    To Greg:
    You’re awesome bruh!!!

    Conrad BlankenshipConrad Blankenship

    YES I hope there is a way, ive ben trying to use hand tracking for 2 years now and cant find one with joycons bc i dont get any income so this would be great

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i want first make some form of packaged markers i can easily sell cause most people don’t want to bother in doing markers by themselves.

    Mischa VonkMischa Vonk

    is it possibble to do it with a ps4 camera?


    Is there a way to add more Markers?


    when can i try this with hand tracking?

    Nguyen Phatnorikachi006



    Will this be posible with led bracelet trackers?


    Are there any trackers for the hips?

    ewan bristowTi_Ton

    No, but this software does https://discord.gg/aaN8Wezj


    Whenever I move the camera or trackers separately, they move altogether, so I can’t actually calibrate the trackers or camera, any help?

    lucy yanalucy20





    when is hand tracking coming out for this?

    soikeo italiasoikeoitalia

    very good

    Cynadyde IndustriesCynadyde

    I’d like to use my webcam to try this out, but driver4vr defaults to using the built-in camera on my HMD… an option to select which video input I want to use would be fantastic!


    oh seperti itu

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