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    Kevin Martinezleon1765

    Hello everyone,i hope i can get some assistance here as im really seeing the huge possibilities with this software.
    I have a strange pcvr headset from some defunct company called vrtek in my bedroom that i use mostly when i sleep (yes i’m one of those) and have been using it just fine. I recently came across a kinect and decided to purchase driver4vr to see what i can try to get going in the bedroom opposed to my room scale in the living room.
    I have been able to get head tracking and upper body working fine, as i don’t need leg tracking on this cheap setup (not to mention my bed occludes a lot of my lower body), but what i’m trying to do is just emulate arm movement. I’ve gotten as far as getting the head and arm movement working fine but i cant seem to figure out how to disable hand gesture controls.the reason is i enjoy playing vrchat on this setup using an xbox controller and can play using one hand holding the xbox controller and the other just moving as my arm does. as it currently works, i hop into vrchat and the kinect constantly reads my hand making a fist,opening it, opening menues and selecting random things.
    is there a simple way to maintain arm/hand tracking without enabling kinect hand gestures?
    looking forward to any advice you all can offer!
    thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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