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    Thomas Anthony PedersennufanDK

    Hi Greg.

    I just managed to get the kinect skeleton tracking working together with kinect led tracking, for head and hands respectively. I can point with the led ball well enough, but I can’t see the controllers within SteamVR Home. I can only see the laser, when I’m pointing. The same thing happened when I was using an Xbox controller; the laser and the “tools” would show up, but the controller itself was not visible in SteamVR Home. Any idea on this? It worked fine, when I was using the skeleton tracking for hands as well.
    I’m unsure if the controllers are somehow hidden under the floor, but it just baffles me, why everything else seems to be showing correctly.. Any ideas on solving this would be very much appreciated. I believe it is the final thing missing, before my setup will work.

    P.S. It should be mentioned that I’m using Vridge (Riftcat), so I don’t actually have physical Vive controllers. Only a LED ball to simulate them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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