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    Malik HolmesStrainZex

    Hello, I’m posting this cause well I need help, for some reason a few days ago when I updated driver4vr all my controller tracking broke, now for some reason, my controllers don’t track properly.

    There floating away from my body and for some reason, it tracks 2 controllers as one if I move the right controller it moves the left at the same time and the left controller does nothing but this happens at random when I tried to fix the problem, I’m using psmove services for the controllers just so you know and that problem doesn’t occur that much.

    I would be ok with this for if I switch to tracking my hands it tracks it fine most of the time buuuuuuut for some reason for a few months now my psmove controller’s buttons don’t work, can’t turn right or left and can’t pick things up and before you ask yes I messed with the steam config files and put different controller button mapping but doesn’t work, they only work for some reason with D4VR when I start it and they use to work for psmove services but now they don’t so yea.

    Before you ask yes I uninstalled everything VR related from D4VR to psmove services to ivry to steamvr it’s self 5 times already and started from scratch but nothing worked and yes I have the controllers selected on device manager in D4VR, there set and ready to go but don’t track properly so if anyone can help me please do, thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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