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    Malik HolmesStrainZex

    Hello, I’m posting this cause well I need help, for some reason a few days ago when I updated driver4vr all my controller tracking broke, now for some reason, my controllers don’t track properly.

    There floating away from my body and for some reason, it tracks 2 controllers as one if I move the right controller it moves the left at the same time and the left controller does nothing but this happens at random when I tried to fix the problem, I’m using psmove services for the controllers just so you know and that problem doesn’t occur that much.

    I would be ok with this for if I switch to tracking my hands it tracks it fine most of the time buuuuuuut for some reason for a few months now my psmove controller’s buttons don’t work, can’t turn right or left and can’t pick things up and before you ask yes I messed with the steam config files and put different controller button mapping but doesn’t work, they only work for some reason with D4VR when I start it and they use to work for psmove services but now they don’t so yea.

    Before you ask yes I uninstalled everything VR related from D4VR to psmove services to ivry to steamvr it’s self 5 times already and started from scratch but nothing worked and yes I have the controllers selected on device manager in D4VR, there set and ready to go but don’t track properly so if anyone can help me please do, thank you.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    you should set head/hand tracking to kinect.
    body tracking calibration is only required when you already have external system like oculus.

    Malik HolmesStrainZex

    Yea someone else told me this a few days ago but thanks for replying. Question do you know where the ps move services button mapping is located? Cause PSM Services doesn’t use steamvr config file anymore.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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