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    Andrei Manubrreaker@yahoo.com

    Hey, so I’m using Vridge and Driver4VR with a couple of wiimotes to stabilize the motion (using a kinect v2, as it tracks fingers, the tracking of hands alone is way to jittery to use).
    Problem is, the controllers in virtual space show up far away from me, around 2 meters, and rotated a wrong way; even if I try to move them using the offsets, they don’t move their point of origin, so whenever I rotate them they don’t rotate along my axis, they rotate along another axis so they go crazy.
    I’ve tried reseting the orientation (with the assigned button and all) but it only resets my view, the controllers are still there.
    Is there any way I could change where the controllers are anchored?
    Thanks a bunch!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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