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    I’d like to personally congratualte, and also request a refund from, the dev. I’m elated that you got this to work with a 360 kinect. Delighted, and enthused for you, the one person on planet Earth capable of this feat. Personally, after jumping in and trusting this dev blindly, I have been burned, and consequently have learned from the experience. VR is buggy enough without voodoo snake oil magic vendors peddling their pseudo-science remedies on the street, but I gave you a shot. Got my kinect hooked up, calibrated it, oddly, but did it, and excitedly loaded up VR chat. I am a fool. The first thing I notice is that I am literally having an out of body experience and have to physically grab my own arms. Once I strap in Iron man style, things start to go… wrong. my legs look like I have bone growths that have fused my ankles together. No problem, just change my avatar right? I wait the designated 5 minutes for more avatars to load in the mess that is VR chat (at least this mess is somewhat charming, though) and lo and behold, now my legs are facing south of my head which is due north. The fuck? Yeah. they don’t even attempt to track properly, and to be frank with you I will, at all stops, dissuade everyone I meet from being burned by you. i suppose I am redeemed in that I can actually allow you to have my 20$ in the event that you dont refund me, and that everyone who I keep from buying this is another 20 lost from you. Go fuck yourself with a rake. Sincerely, I hope you have to take out a second mortgage one day, you lying, shmeckling fraud.

    Mark Smarusion

    You have to line the balls up in game knee knee hip then press both triggers, also some avatars in that game are not set up for Full-body. try using a default avatar.


    I am dying


    You can try it before buying, if you configure everything good you’ll be able to use it just fine.


    If you want the best VR experience (and from the sound of it, you do), nothing beats the HTC Vive. Sure it’s expensive, but it gives you the complete experience.

    Nobody said this software will provide you the perfect experience. It’s a WIP and aimed at those who’d like alternative VR experience with products they already own. I bought it and it didn’t work for me, but I understood what I was getting into. You can’t fault the hard working developer if the software doesn’t work for you.

    Next time, read carefully what you’re investing into. You brought this upon yourself and crying a river here won’t help.


    Im on vive/kinect360 and had problems with the legs getting stuck to one foot but that is because of how VRchat handles binding the avatars onto the trackers i think.

    Avatars that have very skinny feet that are very close together when in t-pose seem to be almost impossible to get to work right.

    An avatar that has its feet wider apart binds easily.

    Ive noted that if the avatar i try to bind has proportions that are differ much from standard humanoid it tends to break and get mashed into a ball.

    Ive also noticed that i need to walk using the touchpad after binding for the tracking to start working.

    The latest update helped a lot with getting the feet to bind correctly and the legs to not cross when looking to the sides, very happy about this.

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    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    thanks 🙂
    yes. you need to make a small move until avatar start working.
    i also noted that it does not matter to fit with trackers into foots of the avatar as the avatars they are always in some scale what makes it not possible but it works fine even though.

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