Cant stand on the Center

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    Everytime i calibrate, i get far away from the center..

    Greg Driver

    you should first calibrate headset in driver4vr and then room scale.


    This is my process:

    Fist start TrinusVR
    Then PSmove service
    Then Start Driver4VR

    HEAD- Kinect one – skeleton
    HAND- Kinect skeleton
    BODY- ON

    So i start the SteamVR room configuration and set the center of the gamearea
    It works, but my view angle is wrong by something like 45°
    So i start the Head calibration on Driver4VR, IT WORK!
    But now i am on another place, like 5-6 meter away from center
    So i restart the StramVR room configration to regain the center, it works, but my angle of wiev is wrong, so i start the Head calibration…it work, but now im not on the center…

    Again, and again, and again……
    What do i have to do now?

    Greg Driver

    can you open at beginning head calibration and note what angle it shows?
    and what angle it shows as you go through the process. it sounds like you have continous drift in yaw. what headset do you have ?


    i use a cellpone inside a orrible plastic VRmask

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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