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    Liam Amlong

    Is it possible to calibrate the fullbody tracking without a headset or controllers? I’m using riftcat to emulate a headset. My goal is to at the very least wave my arms and legs around in VRChat using hardware I already have, with an xbox controller to get around.

    I have the xbox one kinect.


    Greg Driver

    if you use only xbox to track head/hands/legs then you don’t need calibration.
    you just set head/hand/feet tracking to kinect


    Leila Gray

    i also want to just use my 360 kinect to control my computer without a headset or controllers. but whenever i try to run driver4vr, it complains that I’m not kinected with steam vr, no headset connected stuff….and driver4vr wont function, the buttons stay grayed out. how can I get past this?


    Greg Driver

    what do u mean without headset ? at all ?


    Dan Wilson

    Same I want to use Wii remotes without a headset

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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