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    my setup is the Oculus Rift CV1 with Touch and the Kinect 2

    i just got it today but sadly it the driver freaks out while using it.
    did the calibration multiple times now and testet different heights of the sensor, no success
    i then got it working (tought so) did go into vrchat and assigned the white dots , now me height is off ( also with standart models ) ..no fixing it :I if i move my hips float and legs start freaking out , also is there a way to track only lower body ? PLS HELP


    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    are trackers stable in steamvr after you calibrate kinect ?
    i mean can you see them like in video? also after you start vrchat and press system do you see them as before?


    yes there stable i can move and they actually move with me .. but there off by a bit when it comes to the foot itselfe and the hips

    idk how to fix it, recalibrating did not work .. ill upload a detailed video about my problem soon

    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    I had this problem before. You must face your kinect dead on when calibrating. If you dont then this happens and I this fixed it for me. Also make your your middle “camera” is facing where your play area is.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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