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    Playa MiziusyPlaya Miziusy

    I always asked myself why there are is so much Community driven Tracking Software on the Market, but none that uses only simple Cameras. Many People use Kinect, PS Move or custom made glowing balls but this is all combined with either high cost or Time.
    In Motion Capturing, its basically the same so the Technologie isent that new. Still no one made something like that for VR yet.

    In an Article about Mocap they said it needs at least 3 low quality Cams(PS Eye) Sticked to the Walls in different Angles.
    With the Software iPi Mocap i was allready able to test that, i could even use my regular Wii Mote to improve the tracking for fast movements.
    I can say that with this test setup, it worked pretty well, and the most important thing, it cost like nothing.
    I wonder if you Guys from Driver4VR could try to make a Software for that Purpose.
    It would be something completely new because there is really not a single piece of Software for VR yet.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    looks very interesting. so it track body completely markerless?

    Playa MiziusyPlaya Miziusy

    Indeed, the Software would need to creates a Triangle between each Cam to calculate the Distances, this shouldent be that difficult when using Opencv.
    The Technique is actually pretty cool, and could be used as Tracking System for the Mass since its cheap and as easy to install.

    P.S. With good Cams Facial Motion Capture is also possible 😉

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    hi. after looking for a while I relized this is nothing more then PSMoveService in alternative form. what do you think ?

    Playa MiziusyPlaya Miziusy

    Well, PS Move System uses the Light Balls and tracks only them.
    The System ime talking about tracks the whole Body without the usage of any Markers. For this you once need to let the Cams take shots of the Area u want to play in, then the tracking will work using Colors and the Shape of your Body.

    I contacted iPi Mocap about the possible usage of their Software in VR, and if they have Realtime tracking for usage in external Programms, they wrote the following:

    we do have realtime tracking for depth sensors (kinects).
    But it has limitations that make it not suitable for VR.
    – Limited capture area (2 by 2 meters)
    – Only single person tracking
    – You need to have still background
    – When tracking fails you need to stand in T-pose to return to correct tracking

    We’re now working on the new tracking algorithm that will be suitable for live applications like VR.
    If you are in VR business you can share your thoughts regarding desired system specs (capture area, hardware requirements, integration, price range).

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