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    I have had this problem for driver4vr for a while now, ever since the update. If the driver is activated at the same time as steamvr is open then this causes an issue where my view is fixed in one vertical position. Approximately 30 degrees down. I am able to turn my head left and right and the view of which I have is there except at this same angle the entire time. It almost looks like a window. Looking upwards all I see is black and the view window doesn’t follow where I am looking. If I look left and right the view follows but only slowly, it drags behind so I can still see the black void around me. In game of course this is an issue because I can’t even see correctly.
    Just today I updated to windows 10 hoping this would solve the issue although no difference occurred. I have tried reinstalling all the drivers, even steam and steamvr. As far as I can see no one else is a#having this issue so it’s “unsolved” if you will. Help would be greatly appreciated.
    ~ King_H

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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