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    I own a couple of VIVE Trackers and one treadmill (ROVR 2), both almost useless due a lack of software

    Considering your outstanding skills with vr drivers, I wondered whether some of these ideas would be practicable

    – a driver that translates VIVE trackers movement into VIVE trackpad pressure. in this way I could walk on treadmil with trackers on my feet (or waking in place) in games that don’t support them, i. e. all the existing games except one.

    – a driver to provide full tracking to HMD such as the Pimax 4K with a tracker mounted on top of it.

    I think both would be products that many people would be happy to buy

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    yes. regarding head tracking is something I am thinking more then month already 🙂

    about your trackiers. so you have vive setup and 2 trackers that you don’t have to play with. yes?
    can u give more info how you would like to use it?



    Trackers mounted on feet can solve the problem of locomotion in vr. Take a look at “The Path of Greatest Resistance” ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/499400/The_Path_of_Greatest_Resistance/).

    In this game you can walk in VR by moving your feet, but not only running in place, which is hard to sustain if you are not an athlete, if you have trackers just a slight movement is enough. (you need to select the beta “jogginsensitivity” to try this function)

    no other VR game uses this system, although it would be the solution either in combination with a treadmill or without, the sense of movement is greatly enhanced, and motion sickness greatly reduced

    Many games are recently abandoning teleport in favor of free movement with the Vive controller trackpad, my dream would be something that translates the movement of the feet into pressure, even just forwards, of the trackpad, to use trackers with any game with free movement supported


    I agree with this. You should look into integrating something like http://pocketstrafe.com/ : they have made it possible with a phone with a gyroscope for running in place: which of course also works on a treadmill.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    ok. yes this deserves attention. what game is he playing. do u know/

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    i think pocketstrafe is emulating native game movement for each game separately.

    so basically not easy to maintain… it would require separate line of support. unless i create something standard like actually touchpad emulation and ability to configure. but here we can see so many cases and each is bit different….

    but gta, onward and arizona sunshine they only deserve effort.

    what are your thoughts?


    pocketstrafe can emulate standard phone keyboard and joysticks, with steamvr is more difficult because the VIVE controllers are not directinput devices.

    I didn’t understand if driver4vr uses its own SteamVR driver to get this, otherwise an interesting approach is this


    which injects the steamvr commands directly into the lighthouse memory, emulating any device without any driver


    they have made it possible with a phone with a gyroscope for running in place: which of course also works on a treadmill.

    Running on a treadmill is not easy, usually is more a slide than run.

    Also run is not for everyone and not for too long

    trackers detect very light feet movements, such as a simple walk.

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    so basically I can do each of two things:
    1. translate trackers into touchpad press
    2. translate kinect into touchpad press

    so 1st thing is of your interest. yes? also I am not saying I can do this in near future unfortunatley…

    i must also test path this week. i tried only beginning of game and there was not much use of them.

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