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    Trevor NestorTrevor Nestor

    Hey so I have a Samsung Odyssey with WMR and Xbox One Kinect v2.

    I installed SteamVR and Driver4vr. I set the head tracking and arm/controller tracking off but full body tracking to skeleton on. I opened the configuration window and I think I did what I was supposed to?

    It said do 5 poses. Basically just move three times while standing up and each time you do wait for a cheering sound then crouch and do two poses and wait for the cheering sounds each time again. Okay good I think…

    Now I opened vrchat to test it out. I was horrified to see my avatars head way below me in my field of vision. It looked like the hands were in the right spots based on my controller positions. Nothing else was. I tried a different avatar. Same thing.

    Okay great so I thought now I’ll configure myself in vrchat. I opened the menu and the box where I used to be able to change height was now “configure.” I clicked to try it. Okay so my avatar did a T pose. I went into the avatars body matching myself with it and clicked the controllers to submit the position. My character went back to being a crumpled mess with the head below me and the only thing tracking properly being the hands and controllers.

    I’m so upset how do I fix this? I’ve tried watching tutorials for like an hour scrolling through forum posts messing around. I don’t even know what world to join that has a mirror in it

    Also when I was doing the configuration with my desktop pulled up into my field of view I could see myself represented as a skeleton like I should have so I think it should be working? Like I can move my legs and arms and thigh and knees and hands in there and it looks like it’s doing what it’s supposed to

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