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    Costel Zamanzombiethekill999

    Hello everyone,

    I’m really satisfied and glad about Greg’s software: it’s fast, reliable and good. Using my phone as an hmd headset, my joycons as controllers and xbox 360 as, of course, my sensor for tracking my hip and feet, I’m finnaly convinced that vr can be a must for everyone these days. But playing a game that requires more accuracy, more precising movements like Half Life Alyx can be a real bummer. How about we make an upgrade on our fellow 3 DOF controllers? How about we make the 6 DOF without hurting our wallets? I’m trying to give the joycons (I have two pairs) to my little and bigger sister because they are two vr enthusiastics like me, and get myself the controllers blessed by Gaben itself, the Valve Index controllers. It’s been a question that struck my head since the launch of Hl Alyx, and I want to know before purchase: do they really work?

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