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    Carlos Riverabad.boo


    Just looking for advise to have a better compatibility between the software to have a smooth experience.

    Do I have to uninstall SteamVR, driver4VR, uninstall psmoveservice bridge, delete some folders?
    So I can start from scratch and get a better compatibility.


    Carlos Riverabad.boo

    no one?

    Bla BlablaGreg Driver

    it is known that psmovebridge is causing problems.
    today i tried use with imputemulator and it works fine but after a while I could not press any button. so in long term i uninstalled.

    i assume you are interested in controller’s tracking. then basically headset driver if needed and rest is taken care by driver and eventually pre-requisities.

    if you have any problem please let me know and I will do my best to help.


    Carlos Riverabad.boo

    Hi Greg,

    Yes that is correct. I am interested in using my PSmove controllers.
    I tried the test version you uploaded recently and it was working better on my test, just I didn’t have time to calibrate it properly.

    Will try later and let you know. And yes, I uninstall the PSmovebridge as well.


    Carlos Riverabad.boo

    Hi @Greg,

    I was trying the test version, but I am having trouble with the alignment of the Ps Move controllers. They move when I move my head. In other words, when I am at the steamVR Home, the blue laser is controlled by the HMD. The buttons work and well.

    Another issue, is that one PS move is aiming to the screen (as normal) but the other one is aiming at me. Don’t how to fix that?

    Found an answer on my second question at another thread.
    so you should keep them in direction of headset and calibrate yaw.
    for ps move you need hold select and daydream volume up for few seconds.

    source: https://www.driver4vr.com/forums/topic/psmove-controllers-pointing-in-wrong-direction/#post-1506

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    Carlos Riverabad.boo

    I have installed 3.6 now.
    But I can’t move my ps move inside the VRsteam Room. I can only rotate them and press buttons, but not able to move them around the space.

    Also, I am moving the PSmoves but I see the vive controllers instead inside the SteamVR Room. Is this how it should be?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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