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    If body tracking via color lit ping pong balls becomes a feature I could develop a standard ball light assembly. It would take some time between school and other activities, but if we had a standard platform for ball tracking it would be easier to develop for/troubleshoot.

    My thought is to first settle on some standard ping pong balls and leds, because those impact tracking the most. Then I could design some pcbs that would not only hold the electronics, but also allow for attachment via straps. It would take a lot of time before they would be ready but it could be done.
    My next thought would be to open an eBay store selling kits for the tracking balls, but the plans would be released publicly, so you could make your own if you wanted to source the parts/have the pcbs printed yourself.
    Tell me what you all think. I may just be living in a dream, and there is no interest in this

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    Kaeden IrvineTheDunkShot

    The best i could find are some led ping pong balls. In greg’s new video he is using POI leds balls for tracking as i was skimming through replies of comments. I have actually bought them but they are not the official ones to buy. Greg said in the comments that he is looking for a person who could make some smaller ones as they were a bit too big for what he said. I can see that he just used a standard ping pong led ball for hip tracking as it is smaller. Unfortunately i cannot find ones for cheap and they all require minimal diy skills such as having adhesive velcro straps or a strap to wear around your foot. But hopefully Greg can find ones that are the best for tracking for kinect.



    Ive been trying to get something like this after I bought the xbox one Kinect had to mod it and still the skeleton tracking for me is not very good but I heard that is more accurate with the led.

    If you manage to make something like this let me know


    I just bought some balloon lights and put one inside a ping pong ball. Worked as well as the ps move lights although it is dimmer. Lasts about 6h before I have to change it. Got 12 in a pack for 5 quid

    But…Driver4vr fails to detect either that or the psmove lights with any consistency over about 2.5m which at the moment makes them extremely restrictive. I’m waiting for Greg to comment on another thread to see if theres some way to improve it.


    P.s using a 360 kinect with a sunglasses lens over the camera. Tried without the lens and got the same limitation.

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