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    I just purchased the full version of the driver and I have been doing several test with the wii remotes. I found some issues:

    1- Using Two Wii remotes with the motion plus feature enable (I know it is in alpha release state) makes one of them to crash and disappear from the screen after a minute of playing. The other remote continues to work but in order to restore the two controllers the driver needs to be restarted (steam vr included). This does not occur using One wii remote with the numchuck, or using two wii remotes without motion plus (although the movement is very restrictive in this mode).

    2- I have Four wii remotes, 2 originals (last TR versions) and 2 non-originals, all have motion plus included. The 2 non-originals works as expected, but the 2 originals have all the movements inverted. It would be nice to have an option to allow the user to invert the movements of the controllers.

    3- The only way I found to make driver4vr to work with the original wii remotes is using the Toshiba bluetooth stack. By using the Windows bluetooth stack, only the non-originals controllers are detected by driver4vr, although all the controllers are detected by windows. The original wii remotes rumble when driver4vr is started but keep blinking and never get detected.

    1 and 2 are issues that I certainly believe are related to driver4vr. The number 3 I’m not sure…



    After further testing, it seems that 1 is not an issue. After the controllers rumble and appear in Steam VR, if you let the controllers sit for at least 2 minutes it will work just fine. It will be nice to have a message displayed when the controllers are ready to use.

    Greg Driver

    hi. yes, i am working now on way to better connect remotes. there will be also changes in ui to display current status but that is major piece of working ongoing.
    also i am aware it takes a while to get plus extension activated.
    i think there is option to invert movement however in vr configuraiton.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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