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Bla BlablaGreg Driver

next week I will release variant of option 2:
Option 2 to use device gyro tracking with opentrack Kinect and source of light. So basically you need only one source of light and it does not have to be big bulb.
Just to clarify it will be approx 180 degree tracking. because you will use source of light, kinect will not need to track your body so basically all ‘kinect can’t see skeleton’ problem will be gone.

regarding Option 1 to use only opentrack protocol to expose tracking to steamVr
I have preliminary implementation to detect orientation based on arbitrary led model but I am not sure if I will implement this in first place as alternatively you might use daydream controller located somewhere on your head. it is indeed very small and leightweight.

but to be honest I have not tested it yet as source for orientation headset but only for controller and it works very well.

i am not know if daydream has no yaw drift. from what I have seen I am almost sure it does not have drift but would like to confirm it 100%.

currently I am using it as controller and works amazingly well